jan to march 2018  meeting list

Please note that the Silver Door Meeting is at 12:30PM Monday through Friday

 Winter Weather Affecting Meetings
Please be aware that the weather conditions in parts of our Area has impacted facilities that our meetings are held in. Please check your local news station to ensure the facility is open before leaving for a meeting.

“Our Meetings are where we share recovery with one another, but applying our program consists of much more than simply attending NA meetings. People have all sorts of reasons for attending NA meetings, but the purpose of each meeting is to give NA members a place to share recovery with other addicts. If you are not an addict, look for an open meeting, which welcomes non-addicts. If you are an addict or think you might have a drug problem, we suggest a meeting every day for at least 90 days to get to know NA members and our program.”

(IP #29: Introduction to NA Meetings)

General information that applies to NA Meetings

  • We are not concerned with types or amounts of drugs used; we focus on the ways addiction and recovery affect our lives.
  • NA meetings are not classes or group therapy sessions. We do not teach lessons or provide counseling. We simply share our personal experiences with addiction and recovery.
  • Meetings are often held in churches, treatment centers, or other facilities, because the places tend to be affordable, available, or convenient. NA is not a part of or connected to any other group, organization, or institution.
  • To respect the anonymity of all of our members, we ask that people who attend our meeting not talk about who our members are or what they share in meetings.
  • NA has no membership fees or dues, but it does cost money to hold meetings and provide other services to further our primary purpose. Our members make voluntary contributions at meetings to support the group and other efforts to carry our message. Nonmembers are asked not to contribute so NA can remain fully self-supporting.

(IP #29: Introduction to NA Meetings)

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