The WNCNA Activities committee understands that it’s hot outside and people are eager to participate in outdoor activities. We’ve had several requests to restart volleyball, organize tubing events, and participate in other outdoor events.

We have had multiple discussions on this topic and decided to bring this discussion to the Western North Carolina Area of Narcotics Anonymous monthly meeting. We brought this up and it quickly became clear that the area is opposed to the activities committee putting on events like this.

As a committee, we agree with this. We don’t think it’s possible to ensure that best practices and guidelines are followed if we participate in Volleyball, Tubing, or other outdoor activities.

We understand that people will disagree and debate this. We have to look at hard evidence, guidelines from state, local and government authorities, and the direction of the WNCNA elected representatives of our area.

Unless you see an announcement from the activities committee, it is safe to assume that we are not organizing gatherings or events for the foreseeable future. If you disagree with this or any other decisions from the WNCNA area, we encourage you to join your homegroup business meetings, the WNCNA area meetings, and the activities committee to voice your opinions and work toward a solution. Thank you for letting us serve.