• Most meetings in the Western North Carolina Area are currently happening online using Zoom. platform.  WNCNA is not affiliated with Zoom.  Zoom is the platform we use to hold our online meetings.
  • As North Carolina reopens and online meeting attendance starts to drop, we want to let you know that you are Never Alone. If the meeting you find on this site is not available – You can find another online at  Link to the 24-hour meeting (worldwide)
  • 7th Tradition monies can be donated through
    • Zelle‘s account is   jswsteve803@gmail.com, this is the AREA’s new Zelle account.

    • Venmo.  @WNCNA the last four numbers of the phone number attached to the account is 0714.  When donating please note if the donation is for Area, a specific group.
    • If you would like you can also send in your donations to WNCANA, P.O. Box 2066, Asheville 28802, send check or money orders. 

  • If your meeting is opening in-person please fill out the ATTACHED FORM, so the meeting can be changed on the meeting list.
  • COVID-19 restrictions change a lot.  We cannot always keep you updated on this website.  We suggest you check COVID-19 UPDATES, for the most accurate information to keep yourself, your homegroup members, and guests safe as well. 


 If you have any problems with getting access to the meeting or wish to host a meeting please contact: it.wncna@gmail.com




We plan to offer multiple online meetings each day. We recommend that you set up a Zoom account and download Zoom prior to the meeting. Here are some additional helpful tips:


1. How to join Zoom and get started:


Here’s a link to a video on how to join:



2. We recommend showing up early to ensure things go smoothly.  It may take a minute or two to troubleshoot audio and video. We aim to start the meetings promptly at the time listed.


3. Everyone except for the meeting host should mute their microphone when joining. Participants can then unmute themselves when sharing.


4. If you’d like to maintain your anonymity in Zoom, set your last name to your initial. Here are the instructions:



5. We’re currently limited to 100 participants per meeting. If we end up with more than 100 participants, we have an option to host a 2nd meeting. We’ll send that information out if we run into that issue.


6. For questions or concerns about online meetings, feel free to reach out




NAWS has over 1,400 online meetings in English per week. if you are interested in attending, go to: