WNC ASC Group discussions and group conscious of ASC service members and attending GSRS of the past ASC meetings have resulted in tremendous concern regarding the fourth tradition- Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or NA as a whole.
The arguments present in ASC is that in-person meetings and activities meeting under the Narcotics Anonymous name are not following government* or meeting place guidelines, resulting in damage to
Narcotics Anonymous as a whole, potentially losing meeting spaces and damaging the reputation of NA. “Autonomy allows us to express who we are with integrity and to carry a message”, “ We balance autonomy with responsibility when we keep our purpose in focus, our autonomy makes more sense.” (Guiding Principles, p. 62). “Freedom and responsibility work hand in hand. Our groups have autonomy but are asked to attend carefully to the ways that our actions may ‘affect other groups or NA as a whole’- Which is to say, our local community, the rest of the NA fellowship, and our relationship with those outside NA.” “Autonomy is part of a larger whole- just as we see our groups, our service bodies, and ourselves as part of something greater. This tradition both offers freedom and establishes
boundaries for us in ways specific rules or policies never could. “(Guiding Principles, Pg. 65)
Meeting in-person can be the homegroup and meeting space decision, however only with following responsible actions to protect our members and the community as a whole. When members and homegroups are not being responsible, such as not communicating and following meeting space
guidelines or government guidelines this does affect NA as a whole. These guidelines are created to protect society. As recovering addicts and members of NA, we are responsible, productive members of society. This includes trying to protect our health and the health of our society.

  • Suggestions for In-person meetings from ASC:
  • Social distancing (members sitting 6 feet or more)
  • No Hugging
  • No hugging when handing out key tags
  • No circling up after the meeting.
  • Wear masks.
    • Masks are available for donation. Please Contact IT committee. Their information is on our wncna.org website.***
    • It is the homegroup, and homegroup members responsibility to hold all members attending accountable,
      • such as handing out masks,
      • clearly stating guidelines in format,
      • address members who are unwilling to adhere to these guidelines. (similar to calling members out for cross talking etc.)

If any concerns or questions, please attend the next ASC meeting.

Thank you for allowing us to serve.

ASC Officers