COVID-19 has changed our world, made us stay at home, wear masks when we go out, and most of all it has cut down on the number of in-person meetings we can attend. This page is dedicated to keeping us informed.

H&I needs your help. NOW

There are now have facilities that are allowing H&I back to carry the message. If you are interested and have gone through H&I orientation please contact Brigham T. @ (703)-582-6278.

AREA Service

Needs your help. In order to do business for the groups, AREA Service must have the GSRs in attendance. The Shut-down has changed everything, except for our primary purpose, to carry the message. Area Service needs your help to help you and your group. There is a lot of business going on this month that needs your attention, especially this month. So join us on the third Saturday of the month at Area Service on-line.

Speaker Jams from around the world

Due to the Shut-in around the world, many areas are celebrating with Speaker Jams.

Mountain Area – Hybrid Meeting

Saturday@6:00 NA-Cullowhee 136481384
Tuesday@7:30 NA-Cullowhee149631098
No password.    Hybred
Cullowhee Connection.  Part of Mountain Area of Narcotics Anonymous