“The service we do in our recovery is many things. We take a more active role in our everyday lives, serving others as better friends, better family members, better workers and better citizens. When we find an NA meeting where we feel at home and NA friends with whom we identify, we’ve found a home group, a base for our own recovery and a place where we can serve other addicts by sharing our recovery with them. The time, the experience, the empathy we offer other in our home group we extend even further to those we serve in NA sponsorship. All these ways of serving others demonstrate the spiritual awakening of our Twelfth Step, evidenced in our efforts “to carry this message to addicts and to practice these principles in all our affairs.””

(A Guide to Local Services in NA)

Ways to Get Involved in your Home Group

  • Arrive early to help set up the meeting area
  • Offer to make coffee and set up refreshment area
  • Offer to arrange literature racks and informational pamphlets
  • Greet New Members
  • Help keep the meeting facility, location and grounds clean
  • Offer to Chair the meeting
  • Hold a Group Trusted Service position within your home group
  • Attend your home groups business meetings
  • Stay late after the meeting to help clean up