Information Technology maintains and updates the Area website, meeting list, and monthly Announcement sheets to distribute at the group level. Distribution is done in a PDF format on the website.

To get involved, no clean time is required.  We are delighted to train anyone willing  to learn some of the skills listed below.  The subcommittee needs help in the following areas:

  • knowledge of WordPress or
  • organizational skills or
  • art or Photoshop experience or
  • good at proofreading ability or
  • desire to help on our website or
  • knowledge of any website programming or
  • willing to do web-related research

IT meetings are held online, so there is no need to leave home or that coffee shop you like hanging out at.

Service Positions

Information Technology Subcommittee is comprised of the following positions:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Members

Why Should I Get Involved?

The Information Technology Subcommittee prepares the website, the monthly meeting list, and the announcement sheet for distribution at the  Area Service Committee Meeting. This is a big job and general members are needed to help prepare announcement sheets, and update meeting lists in that short time frame. It is a great way to get involved with service and be of service to the entire Area.

IT Subcommittee Guidelines

Everything that occurs in the course of N.A. service must be motivated by the  desire to successfully carry the message of recovery to the addict who still  suffers. It is for this reason that these guidelines have been compiled.

Information Technology Overview  

The Information Technology (IT) Subcommittee is a standing subcommittee of  the Western North Carolina Area of Narcotics Anonymous (WNCANA). It  consists of NA volunteers specifically to: 

  • Carry the message to the addict that still suffers by providing easily accessible information on meetings both in-person and online
  • Keep the Area members informed of NA services, functions, and events
  • Assist and train addicts to be able to access WNCANA online information
  • Safeguard the ASC website information and passwords
  • Update meeting lists
  • Maintain and update the AREA website 
  • Assist the Area Service Committee (ASC) as needed
  • Monthly report to ASC

All activities are carried out in accordance with the Policy of the WNCANA, the  Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous, the Twelve Concepts of Service of  NA, and the resources of a Guide to Public Information.



  • Willingness and desire to serve up to two one-year commitments with  three years clean time. 
  • Working knowledge of WordPress. 
  • Have read, understand, and have the willingness to fulfill the  requirements for this position. 
  • Have served on the IT subcommittee for at least 1 year. 
  • Able to develop and manage a budget, (with the assistance of the  WNCANA Treasurer). 
  • Have a working knowledge of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and the 12  Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous. 


  • Attend monthly ASC meetings. 
  • Attend Monthly Trusted Servants meetings. 
  • Attend and chair all regularly scheduled IT subcommittee meetings.
  • Attend Monthly Region IT, Web, or PR subcommittee meetings.  (whichever subcommittee best matches WNCANA IT Subcommittee) – Only when they are online. 
  • Provide a monthly written report at ASC to include: The number of views on the website, any updates to the website, any new postings, the number of meetings that are active in the area, account for all monies spent that month and how it relates to the  yearly budget. 
  • Provide printed monthly announcement Sheets (if ASC returns to in person) 
  • Events 
  • Flyers 
  • Other announcements as provided by AREA, Home Group GSRs, or Subcommittees.  
  • Work with the IT Secretary to set the agenda for the IT meetings.
  • Assist ASC with any IT duties
  • Develop a yearly budget and present it to ACS at the March meeting.
  • Keep a calendar of WNCANA events.
  • Coordinate with all subcommittee chairs, committee Chairs, home group GSRs and the executive committee to post: monthly meetings, events, celebrations, announcements
  • Update the Information Technology Subcommittee Guidelines annually and present it to ASC at the April meeting. 
  • In case the Vice-chairperson or any other member of the  subcommittee is not available, ensure that their tasks are completed. ○ Report on any information from NAWS. 
  • Train the Vice-chairperson to assume the Chair’s duties. 
  • Safeguard the passwords for the website, meeting list program, and  any other web-related passwords. (share any updates with the ASC  secretary and IT vice-chair. 
  • Update the Google email passwords and forwarding service for the  area Gmail accounts. (for all subcommittee emails) 
  • Coordinate with the committee chairs, subcommittee chairs, and GSRs  any events, or celebrations for the announcement sheet and event  calendar.  
  • Help the committees to schedule events  
  • Keep in mind not to have any direct conflict as to time and date. 
  • Be a part of PR’s learning day. Develop training for addicts to learn how to find the meeting list online, how to find other recovery-related information online, how and why to get involved with the IT subcommittee. 
  • In times of emergency, help ASC, meetings, and groups have access  to online meetings. 



  • Willingness and desire to serve a two-year commitment with two years  clean time. 
  • Working knowledge of WordPress, or willing to learn. 
  • Read, understand, and have the willingness to fulfill the  requirements for this position.
  • Serve on the IT committee for at least one year.  
  • Willing to take over the Chair position in case the chair cannot serve. Or at  the end of the chair’s term. 
  • Willing to work on any deficits they may have in the qualifications for being  an IT chair.  


  • Attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the IT subcommittee.
  • Attend ASC in the chair’s place when the chair is not available.
  • Attend monthly ASC meetings whenever possible. 
  • Work closely with PR to develop the IT training portion for Learn Day.
  • Learn the programs and plug-ins necessary for the ASC website to work  properly. 
  • Ensure that the meeting information is accurate and up to date.
  • Keep accurate information regarding meetings (Name, day, time, location, facility contact information, GSR)
  • When informed of changes, update the BMLT plug-in 
  • At least once a year collect information from all the GSRs and ASC  Vice-chairperson, regarding meeting information. 
  • Take over the Chairperson’s position when necessary. 
  • Help the Chairperson fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the IT  subcommittee. 
  • Help any IT member learn the skills necessary for their position.
  • Work closely with the IT Chairperson to learn the duties of the IT  Chairperson. 


● Qualifications 

  • Willingness and desire to serve a one year commitment with a  minimum of 90 days clean time. 
  • Knowledge of Google Drive, Google Hangout, and Google cloud or  equivalent. Or willing to learn 
  • Have a home group and a sponsor.

● Duties 

  • Work closely with the Chairperson to develop the monthly agenda.
  • Attend all IT subcommittee meetings. 
  • Keep accurate minutes of the IT subcommittee meetings. 
  • Distribute the minutes within 72 hours of the IT committee meeting.
  • Keep a list of all members of the subcommittee along with their contact  information. 


● Qualifications 

  • Have a willingness to serve. 
  • It is suggested that all IT members have working knowledge of the 12  Steps, 12 Traditions of N.A., and the 12 Concepts 
  • Membership is voluntary. 
  • Open to any member of NA willing to participate.  
  • No special skills are required. 
  • Helpful skills, but are not necessary: Knowledge of WordPress or any web design program, or interested in  learning about WordPress, proofreading, able to do internet searches and collect data, interested in website maintenance 

● Duties 

  • Attend the IT meetings. 
  • Provide input and opinions regarding IT. 
  • Willing to help in whatever way they feel comfortable. 

General Policies 

● Waiving Clean Time Requirements:  

  • To elect a Chair candidate who does not meet the clean time requirement
  • There must be no candidates that have the requirements and are willing to  serve.
  • The position will remain open for one month to allow qualified candidates to  be nominated. 
  • The vacant position will be announced at ASC, put on the Website, and  announced at meetings. 
  • If after one month there is still no candidate with the required clean-time,  then a 50%+1 vote must be in favor to waive the clean-time requirement.  The candidate should also have sufficient service experience in Narcotics  Anonymous. 

● Terms of office 

  • The Chairperson may serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms. If the  Chairperson takes over before being elected, i.e. in case the last chair left  during their term, that time will not count as a full term. In that situation, the  Chair may still serve two consecutive terms.  
  • The Vice Chair may serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms as Vice  chair, and two consecutive terms as Chairperson. 
  • There is no term limit for Secretary or Member. 

● Dismissal and Resignation 

Dismissal of Officers  

Officers may be dismissed from their positions at any time for  relapse, gross neglect of responsibilities, continuous absenteeism of  two (2) consecutive IT meetings (except for  humanitarian/compassionate reasons), sporadic attendance at  Subcommittee meetings, inability to perform responsibilities, or  refusal to comply with this document, their duties, and  responsibilities, abuse of power, or mistreating other committee  members. 

In cases of dismissal  

  • A written motion for dismissal, with due cause stated, must be  entered and seconded at the monthly IT subcommittee. The person  must be duly notified and shall be allowed to speak on their behalf  before any vote is taken, at or before the next IT meeting. (unless the  whereabouts of the person are not known) 
  • If the person objects, it is then taken to ASC as a Proposal and voted  on at that venue.
  • Any member of this committee has the right to go before the ASC to  redress any grievance they have.  

■ Officers may resign

  • Voluntary resignation should be submitted in writing to the IT Chair or  Vice-Chair. 
  • In case of the Chair’s resignation, it should be sent to ASC and ASC  Chair can appoint an interim IT chair. That person will serve until the next election.