Information Technology maintains and updates the Area website, meeting list,  monthly Announcement sheet.  and distribute them at the group level. Distribution is done largely at the monthly Area Service Committee meeting and is also available in a PDF format on the website.

To get involved no clean time is required the subcommittee needs help in the following areas

  • knowledge of WordPress or
  • organizational skills or
  • art or Photoshop experience or
  • good at proofreading ability or
  • desire to help on our website or
  • knowledge of any website programming or
  • willing to do web-related research

Most IT meetings are held online, so there is no need to leave home or that coffee shop you like hanging out at.

Service Positions

Information Technology Subcommittee is comprised of the following positions:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • General Volunteers

Why Should I Get Involved?

The Information Technology Subcommittee prepares the website, the monthly meeting list, and the announcement sheet for distribution at the  Area Service Committee Meeting. This is a big job and general members are needed to help prepare announcement sheets, and meeting lists in that short time frame. It is a great way to get involved with service and be of service to the entire Area.

IT guidelines