The Spiritually High in the Land of the Sky is held by members of the Western North Carolina Area of Narcotics Anonymous to bring our fellowship together in the celebration of recovery. Meetings, workshops, and other activities are scheduled to encourage unity and fellowship among our members. Because this Convention is sponsored by the Western North Carolina Area of Narcotics Anonymous, it should always conform to NA Principles and reflect our primary purpose.

Spiritually High in the Land of the Sky is organized and made possible by its various subcommittees, including:

  • Arts & Graphics: Responsible for the theme and all designs for the Convention, including designing the Convention Banner, tickets, logos, flyers, Convention posters, directional posters, T-shirts, coffee cups and other merchandise.
  • Entertainment and Fund-Raising: Responsible for raising funds to help finance the Convention, coordinating all activities during the Convention.
  • Hospitality: Responsible for helping people at the Convention feel at home by welcoming them and offering a pleasant and hospitable environment.
  • Marathon: Responsible for gathering volunteers to chair the Marathon Meetings before the Convention and keeping the meetings running smoothly during the convention to offer any Convention registrant a non-topic open meeting in which they may participate throughout the Convention.
  • Merchandise: Responsible for working with the WNCNA in implementing the theme and designs for the Convention and to manage all purchasing and retailing of Convention merchandise.
  • Programming: Responsible for selecting speakers, workshop topics and workshop chairpersons, designing the Convention program and making sure all scheduling coordinates with other Convention activities.
  • Registration: Responsible for handling all matters regarding Convention registration, keeping accurate records of monies received and names of people registered, preparing registration packets and operating the registration table at the Convention.
  • Serenity Patrol: Responsible for maintaining an atmosphere of recovery at the Convention, making sure that guests

Why Should I Get Involved?

The Convention Subcommittee is a great way to get involved with service in the WNCNA Area. Spiritually High in the Land of the Sky Convention of Narcotics Anonymous helps promote unity and a sense of camaraderie within the  NA community. Without the Convention Subcommittee, it would be very difficult to plan, organize, and host such a large event which most consider a very important part of their recovery!



Revised February 11, 2024 

Purpose of the Convention: To foster unity in the area and have a celebration of recovery by putting on the annual convention for the Western North Carolina Area of Narcotics Anonymous. 

The Corporation: The purpose of the WNC Convention, Inc corporation is to provide accountability and support to the Convention Committee and ensure all tax obligations are fulfilled. The Board of Directors should be made up of a Chair and two to three members of Narcotics Anonymous plus the Chair of the Convention Subcommittee. The Chair of the Board should be elected every three (3) years by the Convention Committee. 

Administrative Committee: The Administrative Committee carries out the conscience of the Convention Committee. Its function is to ensure that the various subcommittees work together and to assist the subcommittees that need additional help. Members of the Administrative Committee are as follow with clean time requirement for position: 

Chair (5 Years)-4 years of experience on Convention Committee in various positions Vice Chair (4 Years)-3 years of experience on Convention Committee in various positions 

Secretary (1 Year) 

Treasurer (5 Years

Vice Treasurer (5 Years) 

Subcommittees: Each Subcommittee shall have a chair. Subcommittees are encouraged to have meetings and involve as many NA members as needed–especially newcomers. It is the responsibility of the chair of each committee to pick members for the subcommittee who are reliable and trustworthy. 

Each vice chair position is a 2-year commitment. The role of each vice chair is to assist the chair, act as chair in the absence of the chair, and learn policies and procedures to be ready to assume the chair position. 

Entertainment Chair (3 Years) 

Entertainment Vice Chair (2 Years

Hotel Liaison (3 Years) 

Hotel Liaison Vice Chair (2 Years) 

Hospitality Chair (2 Years) 

Hospitality Vice Chair (1 Year) 

Literature Chair (5 Years) 

Merchandising Chair (5 years) 

Merchandising Vice Chair (4 years) 

Programming Chair (3 Years) 

Programming Vice Chair (2 Years) 

Registration Chair (5 Years

Registration Vice Chair (4 Years) 

Meeting Policies 

General Requirements for Administrative Committee and Subcommittee Chairs: 

  1. Attend all Convention Committee meetings and events throughout the year.
  2. Have a working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous, and be an active member of the NA fellowship.
  1. Convention Chair and/or Vice Chair must attend all subcommittee meetings. 
  2. All members of the Administrative Committee as well as Subcommittee Chairs and Vice Chairs  must prepare a written report to be submitted to the Secretary each month.

Attendance Policy for Conventions Committee Members: 

  1. A written report may be sent in if the committee member misses one meeting. The Vice Chair shall call the committee member after an absence from one meeting without a written report.
  1. Following the next consecutive absence, the committee member shall come up for full Committee review.
  1. Two absences are grounds for removal from position following the Committee review.
  2. 4. Meetings are once a month until October, twice a month in November and weekly in December until the Convention. Make every effort to attend all events sponsored by Committee and Area when we are participating. 

Quorum: Attendance of two-thirds of voting member committee members is required (7 Voting members) 

Voting Policy: 

  1. In keeping with the Traditions and Concepts, a group conscience should be taken. When changing policy, a two thirds majority vote is required for passing a vote. 
  1. The voting membership is comprised of the elected Administrative Committee and Subcommittee Chairs. The Convention Chair may not vote except to break a tie. In the absence of a chair for a Subcommittee the Vice Chair of that Subcommittee will then vote. 
  1. Motions may be made and seconded by voting members only. The Chair may not make a motion. Motions must be seconded before being discussed.

Obtaining the Floor

Any Convention Committee may speak at a Committee meeting upon recognition by raising of a hand and acknowledgement of Chair. 

Responsibilities of Administrative Committee Members


  1. Leads and maintains order at each meeting of the Committee. 
  2. Helps organize subcommittees and delegates major tasks to the specific subcommittees. Stays informed of all activities and progress of each subcommittee and provides help when needed. 
  3. Helps ensure that unity is maintained during any conflict. 
  4. Keeps activities within the principles of the Twelve Traditions and in accordance with the purpose of the Convention.
  1. Monitors the flow of funds and overall Convention costs and works with the Treasurer to ensure that costs do not exceed income.
  1. Prevents important questions from being decided prematurely, in order to foster understanding by the entire Committee prior to taking action.
  2. Provides guidance and support while allowing all subcommittees to do their jobs. Subcommittees should be given trust and encouragement to use their own judgment. Only major issues (expenditures of money, contracts, final program and entertainment) should be brought to the entire Convention Committee.
  1. Prepares the agenda for the committee meetings and communicates with the secretary within 7 days after each meeting to facilitate minutes being sent out for approval.
  1. Secures a hotel room to be present for the entire Convention. 
  2. Prepares a report to the Areas Service Committee each month, including the treasurer’s report and attends the Area Service Meeting.


  1. Assist Chair as needed to achieve any of the above items listed under responsibilities of the Chair. 
  2. Cover any vacant positions on the Committee until the Convention Committee votes on a nominee at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  1. Attend any Subcommittee meeting the Chair is unable to attend. 

SECRETARY (Vice to Assist) 

  1. Keeps the minutes of all Committee meetings. 
  2. Emails minutes to Committee members within ten days of the meeting along with an agenda for the next meeting.
  1. Maintains a list of names, email addresses and phone numbers of all Convention Committee members for use only by the Committee.
  1. Assists all Subcommittees with any mailing and correspondence needs they may have. 
  2. Maintains an archived hard copy of all meeting minutes and passes to next Secretary. 
  3. Collects monthly copies of bank statement and reports to add to minutes. 
  4. Take responsibility for production of flyers- all must contain NA symbol and trademark.- Convention Committee to approve.
  1. Responsible for updating and maintaining convention website including links to Registration, Square and Hotel and posting any flyers for events
  1. Maintain social media (Facebook Page) – post flyers, registration information and monitor for issues between people on the page-Page is for convention info only- no other posts allowed.

TREASURER (Vice to Assist) 

  1. Maintains bank account for Convention Committee. Signers on bank account to be Treasurer, Vice-Treasurer, Convention Chair – account does not require 2 signatures but bank must have more than one signer on record for this account. 
  2. Gives a written report on the status of the bank account at each monthly meeting, including two copies of the bank statement, one to be given to the Secretary to add to the minutes and one to be given to Chair for Area meeting. 
  3. Writes all checks and is responsible for collecting receipts for all money paid out. All convention expenses must be paid by convention checking account or convention debit card. No personal expenditures.
  1. Reviews any plan by any Subcommittee that involves spending of funds to ensure that the amount does not exceed what the convention can afford. All expenditures to be approved by entire committee. 
  1. Takes responsibility for collecting all funds during convention from registration and merchandising at regular intervals and providing a receipt. Each receipt will show that the money was counted by the registration or merchandise chairs and recounted by the person receiving the money. Chair, Vice-Chair or Vice-Treasurer should be present when funds are counted. Money is to be kept in hotel safe until deposits are made. Prepares and makes a Saturday morning deposit accompanied by Chair, Vice-Chair or Vice-Treasurer. 
  1. Remains at the convention at all times except when making deposit on Saturday in order to be present for all transactions involving Convention funds. Secures a hotel room for the weekend to be paid by the Convention. 
  2. Ensures that enough change is on hand prior to the close of banks on Friday of the Convention. Amount is to be determined by previous experience and by cost of registration and merchandise. Make sure Storage Rent and Meeting Space Rental is paid.
  1. Responsible for square readers. They will be distributed to the appropriate members. All square readers must be returned to the treasurer at the end of the convention. At the end of the convention it is the current treasurer’s responsibility to give the square readers to the Vice- Treasurer for next. Members who receive a square reader are: Treasurer; Vice-Treasurer; Merchandise; Vice-Merchandise: Registration; Vice-Registration and Convention Chair. 10. Responsible for filing sales tax and yearly IRS tax filings as well paying any taxes due. 

Special Financial Policies: 

  1. Prudent reserve is set at $30,000. After all checks have cleared following the Convention, including for storage and PO Box for next year, committee will vote on what to do with any money in excess of prudent reserve.
  1. If the amount of the prudent reserve is to be changed it shall be determined by a two-thirds majority vote of the Convention Committee members, based on previous Convention expenses, and reported to the Area Service Committee. 
  1. The Convention shall be managed in such a manner as to accomplish three (3) goals: 1. provide a suitable celebration of recovery; 2. be financially responsible and 3. minimize the expenses of those attending. Effort shall be made to balance these objectives in planning and financial management. 
  2. Each year, the Convention should provide sufficient revenue over expenses to satisfactorily finance the needs of future area conventions, meet administrative expenses and help establish a prudent reserve. The Committee provides a financial report to the WNCASC. 
  1. Online banking is permitted with passwords to be given to Chair, Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer and Chair of Convention Board- Bank card password should be supplied also.
  1. Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer must be present at all events involving funds- at least 2 of the 4 must be present. Attend all area and convention sponsored events to support sale of merchandise and pre-registrations. 

Responsibilities of Subcommittee Members: 


  1. Responsible for entertainment at fundraiser in the fall, New Year’s Eve and at the Convention. 2. Suggests entertainment for Friday and Saturday nights of Convention to be approved by Convention Committee.
  1. Coordinates scheduling of entertainment and obtains contracts. 
  2. Convention Committee must approve cost of entertainment. 
  3. Determines entertainment set up requirements and provides to Hotel Liaison three months prior to Convention. – Including photographer.
  1. Makes every effort to minimize costs where entertainment is concerned. 
  2. Entertainment vendors to be determined three months prior to Convention. 
  3. Works closely with Programming Committee to choose speakers for any fundraisers. Fundraiser speakers should at least 3 years clean and a clear NA message. The fundraiser speakers must be approved by the whole Convention Committee. 

HOTEL LIAISON (Vice to Assist) 

  1. Negotiate new contract with hotel if necessary. (There is a separate set of requirements for choosing a new hotel in the event of loss of our current facility) We try to maintain a 3 year rolling set of contracts with them at all times. See Addendum A for use in case of hotel change. 2. Two months prior to Convention meet with hotel and go over the program and schedule and review prior year plan with hotel. Review each item of program and set up of hotel for all areas of hotel including registration, merchandise, programming and hospitality. A current copy of the program for the year is essential to this process.
  1. Act as the only point of contact with the hotel to avoid confusion and additional charges being incurred over and above what is on the contract. This applies to all needs by Merchandise, Registration, Programming and Hospitality. 
  2. Arrange for set up of facility prior to and during Convention and be last one out of facility to be sure that all is back to what it was prior to Convention.
  1. Work closely with Hospitality to coordinate all food service by Hotel to the Hospitality Suite.
  2. Provide schedule to Hotel for meal delivery times and amounts (coordinate with Hospitality and Programming to be sure all are on same page for mealtimes) 


  1. 2 months prior to convention reassess menu with Hotel Liaison- There is an amount budgeted in the contract with the hotel for Hospitality for the weekend. The programming schedule is to be used to determine times and amount of food needed per meal based on break times in program as well as experience from previous year as to busiest times for meals. Food will be provided Friday Night, Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 
  1. Coffee is to be available at all times the hospitality suite is open as determined by schedule- First coffee is to be started by 6 am Saturday and Sunday in order to be ready in time.
  1. Check status of coffee equipment and leftover items from last year in storage to determine what is needed for current year coffee supplies to be obtained from Sam’s. We do not pay hotel for coffee. 
  1. Be available from 5pm on Thursday night before the convention to set up hospitality suite. 
  2. Responsibility for this position does not end until convention is over, and all items left over for coffee next year have been inventoried. All coffee pots and urns must be thoroughly cleaned and dried for storage with items labeled in bins and removed from hospitality to lobby for return to storage.
  1. During convention- Hospitality Chair or Vice Chair must be in hospitality at all times when it is open.
  1. List of helpers should be prepared several weeks prior and filled out whenever someone wants to help. Anyone who cannot afford registration will be sent to you to volunteer during the convention as well. Times for greatest number needed is half hour before and after each meal. 8. Remember: this is an all weekend long commitment to being in one place for the entire convention except when the Chair and Vice-Chair can coordinate breaks between themselves.



  1. The purpose of this subcommittee is to sell items we have designed for our Convention with the goal of being able to make enough money to pay for the Convention.
  1. The Merchandise Subcommittee Chair should work with the Convention Committee to determine the sales of price of items being sold. Cost to produce items should be ready and submitted to Convention Committee by October meeting in order to determine those sales prices. 
  1. All requests from outside vendors to sell at our Convention MUST be directed to the Merchandise Subcommittee. This subcommittee can inquire of other conventions to determine if that vendor will be in keeping with the atmosphere promoted at our Convention. The vendor must send photos of what is to be sold A World Vendor Permit is required. Inform them that we have the right to refuse to allow them to sell any items not in keeping with the Twelve Traditions of NA. All outside vendors must have detailed contract with the Convention signed by the Merchandise Chair that details amount to be donated to Convention (25% at least) We will add an addendum to their contract specifying hours of operation that will be followed by all vendors with time open and closed and breaks over the weekend. They must agree to these times in order to sell in merchandise room. 
  1. The entire Convention Committee has final say on vendors who sell at the Convention. There also should be a limit set as to how many vendors are allowed in order to avoid a department store atmosphere.
  1. All inquiries made during the Convention regarding requests to sell additional merchandise should be referred to the Merchandise Chair to be handled. No One other than approved vendors may sell during the weekend. Not even on Sunday morning.
  1. The Merchandise Subcommittee is responsible for a written inventory of merchandise left after the Convention, before it is removed from the hotel. This inventory, in writing, shall be brought to the first Committee meeting after the Convention and included in final report. 
  2. There must be a Convention Committee Member with over 5 years clean behind the merchandise table at all times.
  1. All outside vendors are to be decided by October meeting. 
  2. Prepare logo for use on merchandise and registration after it is chosen- Logo to be chosen by entire Convention Committee- see calendar for dates
  1. Order banner after logo is chosen; hang banners at convention. After convention the banners must be taken down and stored properly- Prepare logo
  1. Attend all Area and Committee sponsored events to sell merchandise. 


  1. This Subcommittee plans all workshops and meeting at the Convention. 
  2. The Program should try to reflect the theme of the year. 
  1. Suggestions are made as to names of speakers and topics for the workshops for approval by the entire Convention Committee. Recordings must be submitted for all suggested Main Speakers, with the exception of local speakers 
  1. Main Speakers should be selected 3 months prior to the Convention by a vote of the Convention Committee
  1. Basic qualifications for participation in a workshop or as a Main Speaker is membership in NA. A speaker or workshop chair at a Convention shares his or her personal experience of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous. Potential speakers and program participants are people who base their recovery on powerlessness over addiction, identifying themselves as addicts and attend NA meeting to sustain their recovery and carry a clear message.
  1. The minimum clean time for all workshop chairs, participants and speakers is 2 years; main speakers must have a minimum of 5 years clean.
  1. Final Workshops and Chairs shall be decided by the first meeting in October. 
  2. Workshops should be held to satisfy the need of our membership for information or discussion on specific topics and services related to NA. It is important to schedule similar workshops consecutively rather than at the same time. 
  3. Taping of the speakers and workshops at the Convention is very important. The Programming Subcommittee should get bids from taping companies to be voted on by the entire Convention Committee. There should be a clear signed contract with the taping company signed by Convention Chair and Programming Chair the Programming Chair should work with Hotel Liaison. to be sure taper have everything they need in order to tape the Convention.
  1. Sunday morning speaker is to be from our Area. 
  2. In choosing Main Speakers consideration should be given to ethnic and gender diversity. 12. Programming is responsible for being sure there are readings for each workshop and speaker meeting.
  1. The 2 main speakers shall receive a room and full registration packet for the Convention, plus the treasurer will work with them to book a plane ticket which we pay for- if they are driving they will be reimbursed at the standard mileage rate at the time. The local speaker is not given a room or expenses unless there is a financial hardship involved. Local speaker does get registration packet. 
  1. Obtain NA Basic Texts to be given out on Saturday night- Order texts 1 month prior to Convention. Books will be given to all members with under 2 weeks clean- ask last year how many we went through- Treasurer will know how many we ordered.
  1. Programming to prepare final program to be sent for Registration order. 


No one, other than those scheduled, should be allowed to sit behind the Registration desk where money is being collected because they have direct access to proceeds of the Convention. Any member that sits behind registration desk must have at least 5 years clean time. At least one member of registration or administration committee must be present at all times. 

  1. Prepare preregistration form to be emailed and posted on website. 
  2. The first people convention attendees meet are those members staffing the Registration table. How well they are greeted, in many ways, sets the tone for how well the Convention comes off. Organization and planning are very important to create a safe and warm welcome to our attendees. It is the responsibility of the Registration Chair to make a schedule to assure coverage of the registration desk and tables. 
  1. Determine what items will be given out at registration- meeting lists, programs, buttons or name tags (decide early whether to put the logo on them) and other giveaways (again decide early to determine cost and also be sure they are NA related). All items should be submitted for final approval by voting convention committee members by the October meeting. 
  1. Determine in advance how people who cannot pay will be handled so that the procedure is consistent for everyone and so that there is no question as to what to do when people come to the Registration Area. Determine prices for 1⁄2 way houses and treatment centers.
  1. Pre-registration forms should be turned over to the Registration Subcommittee as they come in so a list of pre-registered people can be established and updated.
  1. A clear understanding should be reached between the Registration Subcommittee, the full Convention Committee and the Treasurer, on the procedures for handling registration and money. Registration form records should be maintained on a weekly basis and all money transferred to the Treasurer on a weekly basis. 
  2. Registration Subcommittee should carefully document all registrations. 
  3. Preconvention flyers should be emailed to all prior year’s registrants by September. Letter should be prepared and mailed to all treatment facilities to promote early registration by them.
  1. Contact NA Way and Regional Office to put Convention information on their websites 
  2. Attend all Area and Convention events to provide pre-registrations for people 


January- no meeting the month of the convention 


  1. Review dates for next year convention 
  2. Final Reports due from all Subcommittees-this includes a recap of the Convention to determine any changes that need made and an accounting of left-over merchandise
  1. Nominate and elect Chair for next year to be accepted by Area Service Committee. 


  1. Elect Trusted servants for all positions for next convention- Vice Chairs automatically move up unless they are unwilling to serve as chair of the Subcommittee they were on.
  1. Fiscal year begins- Final Financial Report due from previous year Convention 
  2. Storage payment due for year. 


Sign new contract with hotel if one is not already in place. Church meeting space payment due for year. 


Determine Registration and Preregistration fees for convention 


  1. Registration form should be submitted for review
  2. Registration Letter to treatment centers should be reviewed –
  3. Registration Select Theme for convention 
  4. Select and order Preconvention t-shirts- Merchandise- determine amount base on how much merchandise left over from conventions


Attend Unity Day and sell preconvention shirts and preregistrations 


  1. Choose Logo 
  2. Attend Area Birthday and sell preconvention shirts and preregistrations 


  1. Email preregistrations to prior attendees- Registration/Digital Info 
  2. Send out letter to treatment centers with December 31 deadline for prices given. 


Full committee votes required unless otherwise stated: 

Determine entertainment for convention and New Years and sign contract- Entertainment