New Proposal-Motion Form

Motions are made on all items of financial matters and Policy Changes
○ Follow Roberts Rules of Order

Proposals are made on all other issues
○ Consensus-Based Decision MakingProposals and Motions can be made by the following:
-GSRs or their Alternates
-Subcommittee Chairpersons or their Alternates
-ASC Vice-Chairperson.
-A GSR or their Alternate must second all Proposals and Motions before it can proceed to a discussion

Participation on Motions

  • Process: Main proposals, 2-pro/2 con;
  • Amendments, 2 pro/2 con; reconsider a previous proposals 2 pro/2 con
  • Extending a discussion may be initiated at the discretion of the ASC Chairperson
  • A call for a vote is not debatable and must be seconded;
    • Items from which there is a conscience from the GSRs
  • Once a Group has informed its GSR how to vote on a proposal, a discussion cannot, within our Traditions, change the Group conscience
  • There will be no limit on the number of times ASC can waive policy, but it will require a 2/3 majority of GSRs present for policy to be waived Recognition:
  • Anyone wishing to be recognized must raise their hand and be recognized by the ASC Chairperson, except:
  • Point of personal privilege cannot interrupt a vote:
    •  a need for assistance
    • excuse for absence
    • emergency
    • to answer accusations

Point of order:
a question or objection as to whether present proceedings are allowed by the rules of area policy

Appeal to the Chairperson:

  • to appeal to the chairperson to be heard or make a proposal point of information:
  • request to Chairperson for information relevant to the discussion,
  • Chairperson determines if the request is valid for the discussion

Call for a vote:

  • ○ a member asking for a vote on a proposal at hand

for additional information on how Proposals and Motions work please refer to section IX. VOTING in the Area Service Policy.  The policy can be found under the Area tab.