Public Relations (PR) is the Subcommittee that is often the first time someone hears about Narcotics Anonymous. The role of the PR committee is to ensure that clear and accurate information about NA is available to the public. The demand for information about our fellowship is greater than ever. Being part of a committee that brings suffering addicts to our fellowship is a reward that cannot be expressed, only experienced. PR duties and responsibilities are:

  • PR is responsible for insuring the phone line is staffed.
  • PR deals with professional and non-professional inquire about NA, be it Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, parents, husbands, wives, children, partners, other family members or friends wanting information about what NA is and isn’t.
  • PR explains the different type of meetings we have and how to access them.
  • PR staffing of the phone line also deals with addicts seeking more information about the program, where meetings are, and the time of meetings.
  • PR updates the area’s meeting lists.  PR ensures that the meeting information is correct.
  • PR conducts two learning days, for the area, per year.  Leaning days include, but are not limited to, orienting addicts that may want to be involved in H&I or staff the phone line.
  • PR develops posters that explain about WNCNA and in teams distribute the posters in our area.

How to get involved with PR:

  • There are lots of opportunities for service in PR
    • No clean time requirement for participation in learning days and poster days
    • 6 months clean time requirement for  Phone line volunteers
    • No clean time requirement for meeting list proofreaders
    • 6 months clean time requirement for PR Secretary
    • 1-year helpline orientation coordinator

If you are interested in getting involved or just curious about the PR subcommittee  For more information email

PR Policy