List of Subcommittees and links to their individual pages.

PR Subcommittee (Public Relations) 

PR subcommittee Report Form

PR updates and prints meeting sheets, maintains the area helpline, orients volunteers for phone line, conducts 2 learning days for our area per year; provides information to local agencies/organizations about what NA is /is not and conducts poster days.

H&I Subcommittee (Hospitals and Institutions) 

H&I brings meetings into jails, prison, detox and other treatment facilities where people cannot get out to meetings. You can be of service and help out your own recovery by being a part of the H&I subcommittee and help take meetings into facilities and be part of panels of speakers and share your story in order to help carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous.

Activities Subcommittee (Activities)

Being part of our area Activities Subcommittee is a great way to have fun in recovery, help others have fun in recovery and get to know new people. Our area is very active with regular weekly activities as well as regular monthly special activities all year long. Summertime means tubing and Sunday sports at Carrier park. Bowling, Roller Skating, Snow tubing, card tournaments and dances are just a few other things we do. Have an idea for a good Activity? – PLEASE come to the monthly activities meeting and share it/make it happen. Activities always needs new people to help keep the fun going and help make the events happen.

Information Technology Subcommittee (IT)

Policy Subcommittee – 

Campout Subcommittee (Looking Glass Bash)

Convention Subcommittee (Spiritually High In The Land Of The Sky)

Unity Day Subcommittee (Unity Day

The purpose of the Unity day Committee is to hold events to promote NA unity throughout the Area and to attract members to the services of NA