Welcome, GSRs! 

Welcome to the Western North Carolina Area Service Committee[ASC]. Your task at hand is most important! You are THE PRIMARY LINK between the members of YOUR Homegroup and your ASC.

As such it is your responsibility to:

  • Carry your group’s voice and vote on the ASC and regional proposals/motions, representing your home group’s collective conscience.
  • Convey information from ASC, Region, and World back to your home group
    • Keeping notes at ASC
    • Read the minutes from the ASC
  • Bring the monthly Announcement sheet back to your home group
    • Ask your group secretary, or group chair to make the announcements.
    • Or you can make the announcements.
  • Bring the meeting cards to your homegroup, you can obtain them by contacting pr.wncna@gmail.com
  • Inform Area of any change regarding your home group
  • Send your donations either by:
    • Your group can donate through our Zelle Account WNCNAtreasurer@outlook.com
    • Check or Money Order donations can be made out to WNCANA and mailed to  WNCANA, P.O. Box 2066, Asheville 28802 
  • Bring homegroup concerns to ASC. GSR Meeting Report

To best fulfill your role as a GSR at the ASC meeting, these suggestions are recommended to help you represent your home group with responsibility and respect to the ASC as a whole.

  • Our ASC meeting begins at 10:00 am.  Please arrive no later than 9:50 am & get settled.
  • Throughout the ASC meeting, take general notes of the happenings in our Area, Region, and NAWS so as to be able to return to your home group with a set of notes regarding the discussions and proposals presented at the ASC. You will be emailed the minutes from the meeting, but your notes and impressions will help. The minutes are general information to help you remember the proposals, but your notes will better help you remember the details.

We should always strive to carry accurate information back to our home groups, not our opinions. We practice basic Consensus-Based Decision Making during the ASC. A general description of what this entails can be found in WNCANA Policy Manual.  

At the Western North Carolina Area of Narcotics Anonymous, we use Consensus-Based-Decision Making to determine our actions except in matters pertaining to finances. 

 Here’s how it works: 

  • A committee member presents a proposal. 
  • It is discussed and clarified as needed. Questions are asked.
  • Its merits are then discussed and it is brought back to the groups for their conscience. 
  • At the next area service meeting, it is brought up for a vote. 
  • The GSR will then vote to approve, stand aside, or block the proposal.
  •  The proposal will be approved as long as at least one member votes to approve it and no member votes to block the proposal. Stand aside votes simply do not count. A vote to block must be based upon the proposal violating the 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts, or existing area policy. But it will still be discussed.
  • If a member votes to block, they will get an opportunity to explain how the proposal is a violation. The maker of the proposal and the committee as a whole can then discuss, modify, or withdraw the proposal in order to resolve the issue causing the violation. The member voting to block may then change their vote to approve of or stand aside to the proposal as modified, in which case it will pass. 
  • If the proposal cannot be modified so as to resolve the violation to the blocking member’s satisfaction, the proposal could still pass if 80% of the voting GSR vote to pass it, or 
  • The same proposal can be discussed, possibly modified, and re-introduced in a subsequent committee meeting for another vote.
  • Together we can accomplish what we can not do alone.

 This is just a small introduction to your area service commitment. You will get more information that can help you if you read the suggested reading material that is listed in this packet or go online to www.wncna.org.

Homegroup Literature can be purchased from:

Again, Welcome to the Western North Carolina Area Service Committee. Sit back, take notes and enjoy your recovery!

If you have any further questions please ask the Vice-Chair, Chair, Secretary, or any other member of the Western North Carolina Area Service Committee.

Thank You For Your Service!

Updated July, 2023